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The HP Integrity RX2800 i2 server is energy-efficient, and will boost performance to help expand your IT budget. The HP Integrity rx2800 Server available on rental and sale in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore and Kochi.

  • Brand Name: HP
  • Product Line: HP Integrity Server Enclosures
  • Item model number: rx2800
  • Availability: Rental & Sale
  • Form Factor: Server
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 30-days


The HP Integrity rx2800 i2 is the latest 2U rackmount Integrity server capable of running OpenVMS 8.4 in HP’s lineup. The HP Integrity rx2800 i2 is considered an entry-class, mid-range server option. HP rx2800 i2 servers are flexible and can handle the hardest of workloads by offering up to two 64-bit, either dual or quad-core, 9300 series Intel Itanium processors.  The HP rx2800 i2 houses up to 8 hard disk drives and maxes out at 7.2 TB of internal storage capacity.The rx2800 uses Small Form Factor Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives up to 900GB. Able to seamlessly integrate into Enterprise rack infrastructures, HP rx2800 i2 servers support a minimum of 4GB and up to a maximum of 384GB of DDR3 memory through 24 DIMM slots.

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The HP Integrity RX2800 i2 server is energy-efficient, and will boost performance to help expand your IT budget. High-availability is also supported on the HP Integrity rx2800 i2 server, since it offers hot-swappable power supplies, hard disk drives, and a cooling system. The Integrity rx2800 i2 server helps customers with exceptional savings and ideal price versus performance scalability. With advanced features like HP Serviceguard, Auto Reboot, and HP Mirrordisk, the rx2800 i2 is a solid choice in 2U HP rack servers. Some furthers options to explore with the Integrity RX2800 i2 server include customized integration options, additional riser cards, and additional redundant power supply and fans that are available to order.
The HP Integrity rx2800 i2 is a 2U server. It comes in 3 form factors: Rack-Optimized, OFS (Office Friendly Server) and pedestal versions. The rack-optimized and OFS versions have different base model product numbers; the rack optimized version is AH395A; the OFS version is AH396A. The pedestal version consists of the rack-optimized version plus the pedestal foot; AM251A. The pedestal foot allows the server to be deployed in a non-rack environment. Please note that the OFS version DDR3 SDRAM includes the pedestal foot. The OFS is a pedestal form factor with reduced acoustics for 19-inch rack  workstation replacement and/or office environments. Note that the OFS does not support redundant fans. The OFS does support redundant power in limited configurations; 1 processor and 12 DIMMs, or 2 processors and 8 DIMMs.

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 Basic ServersStandard ServersExtortionate Servers
ModelDL60 GEN9DL60 GEN9DL60 GEN9
ProcessorHPE DL60 Gen9 Intel® Xeon® E5-2603v4 (1.7GHz/6-core/15MB/85W)HPE DL60 Gen9 Intel® Xeon® E5-2630v4 (2.2GHz/10-core/25MB/85W)HPE DL60 Gen9 Intel® Xeon® E5-2660v4 (2.0GHz/14-core/35MB/105W)
RAMHP 4GB (1x4GB) Single Rank x8 DDR4-2133HPE 8GB (1x8GB) Single Rank x4 DDR4-2133HP 32GB (1x32GB) Quad Rank x4 DDR4-2133
HDDHPE 600GB SAS 12G Enterprise 15K LFF (3.5in)HPE 2TB SAS 12G Midline 7.2K LFF (3.5in)HPE 4TB SAS 12G Midline 7.2K LFF (3.5in)

In addition, the HP Integrity rx2800 i2 server offers a NEBS Level 3 DC powered option, which enables equipment operability in network facility environments. NEBS compliance is a requirement for Telecom Carriers and their Equipment Providers that are seeking to install equipment in central offices. They view compliance as key to ensuring personnel safety, protection of property, and operational reliability. There are three distinct certification levels specified in SR-3580, Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Criteria Levels. All carrier-grade (CG) products released by HP are evaluated to the NEBS Level 3 criteria, which provides the maximum assurance of equipment operability in network facility environments.

The Physical Components are described in GR-63-CORE, while the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Safety components are described in GR-1089-CORE. Please note that the pedestal version does not have the reduced acoustics of the OFS version, because it is based on the rack-optimized version. The pedestal foot is not factory installed; it comes as a kit that must be assembled on site.

The rack mounted version of the rx2800 i2 is supported in HP 10000 Series G2 cabinets. For factory integration order the Universal Rack Kit, AM227A, with 0D1 feature code. Sliding mounts and a cable management arm will be installed with the server in a factory integrated rack. The HP Integrity rx2800 i2 can be installed in the field with the Universal Rack Kit (AM227A with B01 feature code). This kit contains the slide mounts, cable management arm, and all other hardware needed to mount an rx2800 i2 into a 19 inch cabinet.



HP Integrity rx1600 Technical Specifications

ProcessorIntel Itanium 9340 4c Proc Kit
Processors/cores per system2/8
Module typeQuad-core processor
Clock speed1.6 GHz
Intel QuickPath Interconnect technology19.2 GB per second
L1 cache32 KB per core
L2 cache (instruction)512 KB per core
L2 cache (data)256 KB per core
L3 cache20 MB
Memory minimum/maximumMinimum: 4 GB (2 x 2 GB) Maximum: 384 GB (24 x 16 GB)
Memory typeRegistered PC3-10600 DDR3 1,333 MHz error checking and correcting (ECC) DIMMs
Memory protectionECC on memory and caches; double-chip spare (with 4 GB DIMMs)
ECC on memory and caches; double-chip spare (with 4 GB DIMMs)8 hot-plug SAS SFF 2.5-inch drives
Maximum internal storage7.2 TB
Removable mediaHP Slimline internal DVD-ROM or DVD-RW
I/O slotsMaximum support of 6 I/O slots with two 3-slot PCIe riser cards
Network adapterQuad-port 10/100/1000Base-TX LAN
Storage controllerHP P410i 3 Gb SAS Controller
Internal RAIDRAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, and HBA mode
Form factor2U Rack or pedestal
OS supportedHP-UX 11i v3 (choice of Base OE, Virtual Server OE, High Availability OE, or Data Center OE) www.hp.com/go/hpux11i HP OpenVMS V8.4 (choice of Mission Critical, Enterprise, or Foundation Operating Environment) www.hp.com/go/openvms Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
CertificationsNEBS NRTL Certified to NEBS Level-3 Criteria (GR-63-CORE, GR-1089-CORE)
Warranty3-year parts/3-year labor/3-year onsite


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