Rental India offers a full line of IT Hardware equipment Raid controller card for rental & sale. With the recent addition of the Adaptec RAID Controller Card to our product lineup, we’ve been fielding an increasing number of questions from clients about the uses of RAID for industrial applications and how an expansion card differs from the on-board RAID capabilities of many of our systems.In the past RAID arrays have been largely controlled by expansion cards like the aforementioned Adaptec controller, but many modern motherboards now include built-in support for some types of arrays.

RAID which is recognized as a single storage location by your computer. The primary advantages of a RAID array are data security, thanks to the storing of duplicate copies of your data on multiple drives. Many of our industrial and embedded clients utilize RAID arrays in their projects in order to protect important data and enhance the operational speed of equipment that depends on information being read from and written to hard disks. While there are many forms of RAID involving differing numbers of disks and various combinations of features.
Every redundant array application will have its own variables and requirements. The best way to determine if the included RAID functionality of a system will be sufficient for your needs is to speak with one of our technical sales experts. We are located in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram & Coimbatore.

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