IBM System X3650 M2 Server Power Optimized Performance

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The IBM System x3650 M2 has been created to Deliver direction virtualization. It can help lower prices with an energy-efficient design that offers optimum computing performance. At a 2U chassis, the x3650 M2 can double the compute capacity of previous production 2-socket servers.

The IBM x3650 M2 can Help you handle risk with springy architectures and virtualized environments. Its flexible design can help you enhance support, as well as also the x3650 M2 supports the VMware ESXi 3.5 embedded hypervisor.



IBM System X3650 M2 Server Power Optimized Performance



Small review of the IBM System X3650 M2 Server:

Powerful systems management Features simplify remote and local control of the x3650 M2: The x3650 M2 includes the IMM to track server availability, perform Predictive Failure Analysis, etc., and activate IBM Systems Director alarms. The IMM enables service personnel to use sophisticated diagnostic tools, for example light path diagnostics, to resolve problems quickly. Integrated industry-standard Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) next-generation BIOS. New capabilities include: ‰ Human readable event logs — no more beep codes ‰ Complete setup solution by allowing adapter configuration function to be moved into UEFI ‰ Entire out-of-band coverage by Advance Settings Utility to simplify remote setup Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 support. Integrated IPMI 2.0 support alerts IBM Systems Director to anomalous environmental elements, such as thermal and voltage conditions. Additionally, it supports highly secure remote power control with data encryption. IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ , an IBM-exclusive, was made to make the most of new system power management characteristics, by providing power monitoring and power capping features. Text Console Redirection service allows the administrator to remotely view x3650 M2 text messages over Serial or LAN.

The completely redesigned IBM Systems Director is included for proactive systems management. IBM Systems Director comes with a portfolio of tools, such as Management Processor Assistant, Rack Manager, RAID Manager, Update Assistant and Software Distribution. In addition, IBM Systems Director provides extended systems management programs for extra server management and increased availability. When a problem is encountered, IBM Systems Director can subject administrator alarms via email, pager, and other procedures.

An optional Virtual Media Crucial Provides additional systems management capabilities, including Web-based out-of-band control; virtual floppy and optical drive assistance; Windows “blue screen” error capture; LDAP and SSL support; and distant redirection of PCI text, video, mouse and keyboard. And it does all of this without swallowing a precious adapter slot.

Advantage of the IBM System X3650 M2 Server:

The x3650 M2 includes two Incorporated Broadcom 5709 Gigabit Ethernet controllers for up to 10X higher maximum throughput compared to a 10/100 Ethernet controller, in addition to support for Jumbo Frames and TOE (TCP Offload Engine). Jumbo Frames–those larger than the conventional frame (packet) size of 1,500 bytes–may be more efficient, radically increasing network performance and reducing server CPU overhead. TOE helps enhance overall system performance by offloading TCP/IP protocol processing from the system microprocessor to the onboard Ethernet TOE processor. There’s absolutely no extra charge for this capability. Additionally, it supports exceptionally secure remote power management utilizing IPMI 2.0, plus Wake on LAN® and PXE (Preboot Execution Environment) Display port. Optional PCI adapters supplying failover and load balancing between adapters are available for added throughput and increased system availability.

Video of the IBM System X3650 M2 Server:


The x3650 M2 Provides numerous Features to enhance performance and reduce prices: • Up to 2 4-core Xeon 5500 Series processors and 8MB or 4MB of cache per processor, offer exceptional performance capable of handling the toughest jobs. 64-bit extensions provide the flexibility to operate 32-bit and 64-bit applications simultaneously. Xeon 5500 series processors offer up to 225% better performance compared to previous-generation 5400 series processors and up to 900% better performance compared to single-core processors of a couple of years ago you may still be using. • Low-voltage processors draw less electricity and create less waste heat than high-definition processors, thus helping to reduce data center energy costs. A few 4-core Xeon 5500 Series processors use just 60W. This is less than half the wattage consumed by older 130W processors. • Sixteen DIMMs of ultra-fast registered 1333MHz DDR3 ECC memory with Chipkill1 protection (optional) provides rate, higher availability, and a memory capacity of up 128GB. Optional 32GB and 50GB solid-state drives (SSD) use just 2W of electricity per driveway, averaging 9- 10W for 2.5-inch HDDs. That is as much as 80% less power than a 2.5 inch HDD would use (with a corresponding reduction in heat output). The x3650 M2 is a pioneer in server resiliency. With hot-swap power supplies, fans, and storage, the x3650 M2 has no single point of collapse.

The altimeter functions in Conjunction with IMM to regulate fan rotation based on the readings that it delivers to save money under ordinary conditions since the fans don’t have to spin at high speed. Four high performance PCIe x8 adapters (Gen 2) slots offer investment protection by encouraging high performance adapters, such as 10Gb Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand cards, none of that will run in older 33MHz and 66MHz traditional PCI slots. • Integrated ServeRAID-BR10i supplies RAID-0/1/10 assistance without consuming a valuable adapter slot. RAID-0/1/10 offers enhanced disk performance via data striping; RAID-1 features disk mirroring for high availability, and RAID-10 combines the benefits of speed and accessibility. The x3650 M2 also supports full RAID-0/1/10/1E/5/6 using the optional ServeRAID-MR10i card. It also provides higher performance, on account of the 256MB battery-backed onboard cache.

Up to twelve 2.5-inch hot-swap SAS hard disk Drives provide high-performance with high availability. The SAS controller provides full-duplex (bidirectional 300MBps) data transfers for SAS drives.

The integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet Controllers with IPMI 2.0 service supply high-speed network communications. Jumbo Frames offer higher efficacy transfers for large data packets. Two more NICS could be supported on the planar with an additional Dual Port GbE girl card. The TCP Offload Engine (TOE) feature offers higher performance for TCP/IP traffic, with less overhead to the system processor.

A high degree of device integration –for example Hot swap SAS/SATA HDDs or SSD drives, multiple hardware based ServeRAID alternatives, as much as four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, systems management and movie controls–reduces costs and frees up precious jack slots.


IBM’s latest 2U rack server provides a nice blend of storage capacity, functionality and Expansion possible. Although memory and storage capabilities are quite up with HP’s ProLiant DL380 G6, the x3650 M2 is still a Fantastic choice for a virtualisation Platform and it looks great value as well.

Technical Specifications 

 Chassis 2U rack
CPU2 x 2.53GHz Xeon E5540
Memory10GB DDR3 1066MHz RDIMM expandable to 128GB
Storage2 x 146GB IBM 10k SAS SFF hard disks in hot-swap carriers
RAIDIBM ServeRAID-MR10i with 256MB cache and BBU
Array supportRAID0, 1, 5, 10, 50 (optional 6 and 60)
Expansion4 x PCI-e 8X
Network2 x Gigabit Ethernet
Power1 x 675W hot-plug supply
ManagementEmbedded IMM Express
SoftwareIBM ServerGuide, Systems Director 6.1

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