HPE MSA 2040 Storage New High Performance

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HP’s Modular smart array (MSA) goods have concentrated on providing SMBs with easy to deploy, scalable and economical network storage. It now aims to do exactly the exact same for FC SANs and in this exclusive review we look at itsMSA 2040 which claims are the very first entry-level storage array to support 8/16Gbps speeds.

The 2U Chassis is available with 12 LFF or 24 hot-swap SFF hard disks. You get a wide selection of storage options ranging from 6Gbps SAS2 and SSDs into midline SAS.


HPE MSA 2040 Storage New High Performance




Small review Of the HPE MSA 2040:

The Controllers have four FC interfaces and you can cut costs by starting with one controller and including a second when required. HP has also released a version with four 12Gbps SAS interfaces whilst another with quad 10GbE is anticipated to be available later in the year.

Each Controller includes 4GB of cache memory and utilizes a super-capacitor and CompactFlash card to protect the cache contents. In the event of a blackout, cache contents have been written to Flash memory using available electricity in the capacitor which may recharge itself faster than a standard battery when electricity is restored.

The Port gives a useful graphical view of physical hardware such as the chassis, installed hard disks, controls and FC interfaces. You can select any component and drill down further to learn more.

Storage Is provisioned by producing disks (virtual disks), choosing physical drives, picking a RAID array and adding hot-spares if needed. If an array becomes full, you are able to expand it into spare drives however you can’t migrate to another type of array in the future.

Advantages Of the HPE MSA 2040:

Together With the dual-hot-plug controllers, the chassis has two hot-swap PSUs which also incorporate cooling enthusiasts. Each controller includes a 6Gbps SAS interface for daisy-chaining expansion units and with dual controllers installed, you can use many avenues for fault tolerant links.

The Internet Interface’s graphic view shows all connected disk shelves along with their cable links and allows you to switch between the main unit. The MSA 2040 disc shelves offer a additional 12 LFF drive bays although HP’s D2700 offers 25 SFF bays and have dual 6Gbps SAS interconnects.

Expansion potential is great so you are going to Find a Fantastic ROI with the MSA 2040. The system supports a total of 96 LFF or 199 SFF pushes and vdisks can span across multiple enclosures. A RAID-5 disk also can contain a maximum of 16 drives which is doubled for RAID-5

Video Of the HPE MSA 2040:


For testing, we called up a Broadberry dual Xeon E5-2400 1U rack server running Windows Server 2008 R2 and outfitted with a QLogic dual-port 8Gbps FC HBA. We created a RAID-5 vdisk from four 900GB 15K SAS drives and mapped a 750GB volume into the server.

Raw Read and write functionality over 8Gbps FC was fast as with Iometer set to a 32KB block size, we recorded top rates of 785MB/sec and 732MB/sec respectively. These speeds equate to a 6.1Gbps and 5.7Gbps and are close to HP’s claimed sequential throughput figures.

For database performance testing, we employed 256 outstanding I/Os, A 16KB block size, 66% read, 34 percent compose along with a 100 percent random supply. The Iometer settled at a commendable 11,100 IOPS.


HP’s MSA 2040 delivers a high-speed 8/16Gbps FC storage solution at a price few Sellers can match. We found performance to be outstanding, its expandable and The price also has volume snapshots and cloning.

Technical Specification

  • 768 TB Maximum
  • Including expansion, depending on model


Drive description
  • (99) SFF SAS/MDL SAS or
  • (48) LFF SAS/MDL SAS
  • Maximum including expansion, depending on model


Host interface
  • 16 Gb/8 Gb Fibre Channel (4) Ports per controller
  • 1 GbE/10GbE iSCSI (4) Ports per controller
  • 12Gb/sec SAS (4) Ports per controller
  • Supported


Storage controller
  • (2) MSA 2040 SAN Controller
  • (2) MSA 2040 SAS Controller
  • Supported


Storage expansion options
  • HPE MSA 2040 LFF Disk Enclosure or D2700 2.5-inch disk enclosure or the HPE MSA Dual I/O DC Power Carrier Grade SFF (2.5in) Drive Enclosure


Compatible operating systems
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft Windows 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V
  • HP-UX
  • Red Hat Linux
  • SUSE Linux
  • VMware ESXi 5.x
  • VMware ESXi 6.x
  • Detailed information available at: http://www.hp.com/storage/spock


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