HPE MSA 1040 Storage Flexible Architecture

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HP MSA 1040 Storage appliances have a cost the Majority of the Competition will likely be hard pushed to fit let alone conquer. Actually, the price is so low, HP is efficiently providing you a second RAID controller at no cost. The MSA 1040 Storage household has a wide reach since it supports IP or FC SANs and HP includes versions with controls offering double 10GbE, Gigabit or 8Gbps FC interfaces. The machine we are reviewing (Model:E7W04A) is provided as standard with two controls both athletic double 10GbE SFP interfaces.



HPE MSA 1040 Storage Flexible Architecture


Small  review of the HPE MSA 1040 Storage:

Hardware redundancy is correct and present since the selection has two Hot-plug PSUs with essential (and very noisy) cooling enthusiasts. Each control has its own control interface and IP address, so in the event that you lose one you can still handle the whole range from another.

Capacity can be expanded as every control features a 6Gbps SAS interconnect port. The MSA 1040 supports around 3 MSA 2040 12-bay LFF shelves or 3 D3700 24-bay SFF shelves and for the latter it could manage up to 99 drives.

Fault tolerance is extended to the growth shelves since you connect Them into the SAS interfaces on both controls.When you are feeling the need for greater speed and growth you can Update the controls as the 1040 takes those in the quicker MSA 2040 Storage appliances.

Setup in the laboratory was swift, as we pointed out a browser at The main controller’s management speech and have been greeted with a clean and intuitive interface. It’s simple to keep tabs on what as the console gives a graphical view of bodily variety hardware. Storage provisioning is a breeze as you make disks (virtual Discs) by choosing drives, picking a

RAID type and incorporating hot-spares should you desire. In case a disk becomes full, you are able to expand it in to spare drives across multiple shelves however you can not migrate to another kind of array.

Volumes are created in disks and also you can empower snapshots during This stage and employ a coverage also. The quantity is then mapped to a LUN with read or read/write accessibility and server mapping is only a case of assessing the tick boxes beside the relevant interfaces on the picture below. Should you have to restrict access to particular hosts, you might also use explicit mappings so only they could view the LUN.

Advantage of the HPE MSA 1040 Storage:

The HPE MSA 1040 Storage is your perfect Solution for clients running Oracle, Microsoft, SAP surroundings and those clients that are deploying virtual server technology such as VMware, HyperV. The MSA 1040 delivers enterprise performance that enhances virtual surroundings, simplify direction, and reduces prices. Simple to set up, scale and preserve, HPE MSA 1040 Arrays make sure that essential business data stays available. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has developed best-in-class experience in Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, and Virtualization Hypervisor technology through extensive testing using the HPE MSA 1040, Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers, and management applications; high availability and disaster recovery options; and backup and retrieval to the Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP program platforms. Consequently, our clients can expect a broad array of operational and business advantages where they could: • Deploy IT assets across multiple places. • Incrementally increase storage without disturbance. • Enable high availability and disaster recovery capabilities for crucial applications. • Deploy a remote disaster recovery site

Video of the HPE MSA 1040 Storage:


For testing we used a Broadberry Data Systems rack server with Double 2.6GHz E5-2670 Xeons, 48GB of DDR3, Windows Server 2012 R2 plus also a dual-port Emulex OCE11102-NM 10GbE adapter. We made a RAID-5 disk from six 1.2TB 10K SAS two drives and mapped out a 750GB volume into the server on a direct fiber link.

Raw performance is great with Iometer configured using 256KB Transfer requests coverage sequential write and read rates of 1030MB/sec and 677MB/sec. Employing 8KB transfer asks for sequential read operations, we found about 8,500 IOPS. Real world speeds are not anything to sniff at either with drag and drop duplicates of this 50GB Iometer test document returning continuing read and write rates of 363MB/sec and 298MB/sec.

Volume snapshots may be conducted manually or into a program as often as Every moment and are kept in a different pool around the range. Rollback is a very simple procedure in which you choose the quantity and desirable snapshot and render the blower to renew the data.

Copying, or cloning, volumes is just as simple as you select your Volume and choose the backup option from the drop-down menu and then run them in fixed intervals. Copies will be useful for backup and retrieval or analyzing and development since they may be shown a LUN as necessary to chosen host systems.


The SMB Marketplace Is growing faster than in sets and any other community storage industry a top standard for others to follow. The MSA 1040 Storage household teams up Significant Expansion plans of performance using a great Price that will make SMBs on a tight budget sit up and take note.

Technical Specifications

  • 576 TB Maximum
  • Maximum including expansion, depending on model


Drive description
  • (99) SFF SAS/MDL SAS or
  • (48) LFF SAS/MDL SAS
  • Maximum including expansion, depending on model


Host interface
  • 8 Gb Fibre Channel (2) Ports per controller
  • 1 Gb iSCSI (2) Ports per controller
  • 10 Gb/sec iSCSI (2) Ports per controller
  • 12Gb/sec SAS (2) Ports per controller
  • Supported


Storage controller
  • (2) MSA 1040 2-port FC Controller
  • (2) MSA 1040 2-port 1G iSCSI Controller
  • (2) MSA 1040 2-port 10G iSCSI Controller
  • (2) MSA 1040 2-port 12G SAS Controller
  • Supported


Storage expansion options
  • HPE MSA 2040 LFF Disk Enclosure or D2700 2.5-inch disk enclosure


Compatible operating systems
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft Windows 2008
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V
  • Red Hat Linux
  • SUSE Linux
  • VMware ESXi 5.x
  • VMware ESXi 6.x
  • Detailed information available at: https://h20272.www2.hpe.com/spock/


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