HP Z800 Workstation Premium Power With Massive Expandability

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Ever Since it launched five years ago, the HP Z800 has become the firm’s flagship workstation for some time, one that has been through a number of iterations, all which used the same chassis. It’s since been replaced with the Z820 which adopted the identical chassis.

HP’s Z800 workstation is intended to do very much that, but there is one difference – it is a computer that’s encased in a system that can quite justifiably be described as ‘cool’, which isn’t the type of term you would normally find correlated with workstations. The Z800 sits at the very top of HP’s latest range of workstations, a successor to its xw collection, although the latter is still available to purchase on the HP website. The Z series is a new platform based on Intel’s Nehalem architecture, and HP’s Z400 and Z600 systems accompany it lower down the range.


HP Z800 Workstation Premium Power With Massive Expandability



Small Review of HP Z800 Workstation

The Z800, meanwhile, sits at the peak of the shrub and is aimed at serious computing jobs where multilple processors and enormous amounts of memory bandwidth is required. We are talking extreme data analysis for industries like oil exploration and literally rocket science. The secret to the Z800 is that the design; using the newest look machines being made by BMW DesignWorks USA. It has a series of ridges running down the front which not only gives it a smart, efficient appearance, but also enables air to flow in the situation from front to back, cooling all the internals.

Intel’s tried-and-trusted 5520 chipsets is the maestro responsible for handling the components on the motherboard. If it comes to expandability, an incorporated 6-channel SATA and an incorporated 8-channel SAS controller, bringing the theoretical total hard disk drive count to 14.

There’s Six also PCI Express slots plus a lonely PCI one, two GbE connectors (Broadcom 5764), a Realtek ALC262 sound chip, 12 USB interfaces (none USB 3.0), two Firewire portsplus a bevy of audio interfaces and a pair of PS2 ports.

As Expected, you can pretty much put any graphics card that you like in this powerhouse containing GPGPU boards such as the Nvidia Tesla or even AMD’s FirePro. HP says it works closely with ISV to make certain its produces are certified and optimised. Given the organization’s clout at the workstation market, we would not bet against this. Apple’s new Mac Pro demonstrates that not all workstations need to be rectangular but expandability and versatility are what the marketplace is searching for, which is the reason why the Z800 has proved to be such a popular workstation.

Advantages of HP Z800 Workstation

The New range of NVIDIA and AMD graphics card drive up to eight stunning 3D display with its dual graphics processor support and Tesla GPU technologies for the Z800. The best end AMD FirePro and NVIDIA Quadro series change this system into personal 3D design supercomputer.

The HP Z800 Workstation may store and process vast databases with SATA and SAS drive compatibility adapting capabilities up to 10TB, running at speeds of 15K RPM. The drives support RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 from 3GB/s integrated drive controllers. With electricity efficiencies of 85% in 850 Watts and 89 percent in 1110 Watts, the Workstation will always have of the power it needs to process peak workloads across the clock whilst preserving minimum power consumption and ultra-quite operations.

Video of HP Z800 Workstation


With a workstation like This, one would anticipate that the performance would be really good. I was very interested in figuring out precisely exactly what the Z800 could do.

The first thing I Need to Cite is your boot time. Normally I don’t talk about the boot time, but using all the Z800 workstation it seemed to take a very long time to begin, so I timed it. It required 109 seconds from the time I pushed the power button until I saw the Windows desktop. For a desktop of the caliber I think this is unacceptable. Since it took so long I thought I would break it down for you. By the time that I hit the power button till I saw the HP/BIOS loading display was 14 seconds. Then the HP screen didn’t vanish for another 45 minutes. From there before the Windows loading screen was still another 10 seconds and another 40 minutes before Windows was logged in. I noticed that after the HP display it checked the two network adapters, the CD, some USB devices that could be plugged, and just about anything else it might find for a boot device. This may be made faster by getting the machine boot right to the primary hard disk rather than go through everything else. However you won’t speed up it much since most of the time has been spent on HP and Windows loading displays. I can only believe the reason the HP display took so long was since it was assessing the memory and because there is 12GB it has to take quite a long time. Because of this I recommend that rather than shut down the machine you just put it in sleep or hibernation mode.


As I said at the Beginning of this review, the very first time I watched this workstation I literally Said “Wow.” At the time I did not know anything concerning the performance of this Z800, I was only going from the specs along with the layout. Now I Have seen How it performs my original view is a lot stronger. The Z800 has outperformed All the other workstations and laptops that I have reviewed. This is truly a Fantastic machine with not only one of a kind design, but also a fantastic Level of performance and the potential for so much more. I’m Very confident in Advocating this workstation for any shop that needs the best functionality Potential and they want a good looking machine to go with this.

Technical Specification:

OS:Microsoft Windows Vista Business, 64-bit; Windows XP Pro 64-bit (“downgrade”)
RAM12GB, DDR3-1333, ECC, triple-channel
Processor2x Intel Xeon W5580 (3.2GHz)
Chipset2x Intel 5520
Number of Physical Processors2
Video CardVideo Card
Hard DriveFujitsu MBA3147RC, 147GB, 15,000 rpm; Seagate ST3146356SS, 146GB, 15,000 rpm; Seagate ST31000340AS, 1TB, 7200 rpm
Video Editing Software IncludedVideo Editing Software Included
Disc BurnersDisc Burners
Multiple Monitor ConnectionsYes, 2 DisplayPort, 1 DVI

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