Hp Z220 Workstation Delivers Performance And Energy Efficiency

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The HP Z220 CMT and SFF Workstations are the follow-on generation to the HP Z210 workstations and introduce new functionalities and technologies to the entry workstation class. They feature the Intel® Xeon processor E3-1200 v2 family and next gen Intel Core™ processors, based on the new Intel micro-architecture code-named Ivy Bridge. A substantial increase in I/O bandwidth, performance, and energy efficiency, as well as upgraded ME8 manageability, 1600Mhz memory speed and new integrated USB 3.0 features deliver improved productivity and stability. This paper will describe the architecture features of the Convertible Mini Tower (CMT) version, most of which are available on the Small Form Factor system as well.


Hp Z220 Workstation Delivers Performance And Energy Efficiency




Small review of the hp-z220-workstation:

The HP Z220 supports Intel’s next generation processors, featuring a new micro-architecture in the 22nm process, providing greater compute and integrated graphics performance combined with low energy consumption. Both the latest Quad Core Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v2 series, and the 3rd generation Intel Core processors (dual-core Intel Core™ i3 and selected Intel Core™ i5/i7 processors) are supported. The Intel® C216 PCH (platform controller hub) chipset complements the HP Z220’s core architecture.

RDRAND Instruction This is one of the new Intel security and cryptography technologies. It comprises a software visible random number generation mechanism, supported by a high quality entropy source that is made available to programmers through the new RDRAND instruction. • Supervisor Mode Execution Protection (SMEP) This new mechanism blocks malicious software attacks from user mode code when the system is running in the highest privilege level. It participates in protecting the system from virus attacks and potentially harmful code. • Power Aware Interrupt Routing (PAIR) PAIR is an enhanced interrupt management scheme that routes interrupts to threads or cores based on their sleep states. For improved energy savings, a new interrupt will be routed to the active cores without waking the deep idle cores. For improved performance, new interrupts will preferably be routed to the idle cores without interrupting the already heavily loaded cores.

The HP Z220 now supports Gen3 PCI-Express speed on the processor’s x16 lanes. PCIe Gen3’s most notable improvement is a higher 8Gb/s bit rate which, combined with a new encoding scheme, effectively doubles the bus throughput over PCIe Gen2’s 5Gb/s bit rate. PCI Gen3 Graphics cards are the primary devices that will take advantage of the increased bandwidth, as and when they become available.

The HP Z220 supports both DDR3 ECC and non-ECC unbuffered DIMMs, up to 1600MHz speed. 2 channels with 2 DIMMs per channel are supported. Memory will operate at the speed of the slowest rated installed processor or DIMM. The higher memory speed, compared to HP Z210’s 1333MHz speed, provides greater memory performance.

Advantage of the hp-z220-workstation:

The new integrated Intel® HD Graphics P4000 graphics engine provides professional entry graphics performance. Available on Intel® Xeon® processor E3-12x5v2 models, it comes certified for selected popular workstation applications. The graphics core integrated in P4000 Intel Xeon processors have 16 Execution Units and offers higher performance with 22nm process technology, compared to the previous generation P3000, which has 12 Execution Units. It supports Microsoft* DirectX*11.0 and OpenGL* 3.3, and expanded media acceleration features like full hardware decode and encode acceleration as well as advanced video processing features.

2 front and 2 rear integrated USB 3.0 ports are available on HP Z220 CMT, while the HP Z220 SFF sports 4 rear USB 3.0 ports. Integrated USB 3.0 provides cost-effective support for greater I/O bandwidth for new, faster peripherals and external storage devices, and a 10 times higher bit rate over USB 2.0. More information on the USB 3.0 Technology and Performance measurements can be found in the “Additional Resources” section below.

Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) is a cost effective disk caching option that enables faster boot and application responsiveness. 1 A cost-effective 24GB SATA solid-state drive (SSD) functions as cache for a conventional, larger capacity magnetic hard disk drive, or RAIDed volumes of HDDs. It is available for Windows 7 32/64 bit only.


The workstation Quad Core Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v2 series includes models up to a 3.7GHz base frequency, when the 3rd generation Intel Core™ i7 processors for desktop PC reach only up to 3.4GHz. The Intel Xeon E3 processors also offer many processors with Hyper Threading and larger 8MB cache compared to their Intel Core i5 counterparts.

Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory is supported on workstation Intel Xeon and Intel Core i3 SKUs, thereby improving data integrity. If ECC memory is used in conjunction with a non-ECC processor sku, ECC protection is not available and the DIMMs will appear to the system as Non-ECC memory. Desktop PCs do not typically support ECC, even when using processor skus such as Intel Core i3 which do support ECC on workstations.

On the HP Z220 CMT Workstation, thanks to the use of the C216 Workstation chipset and an optimized implementation, all the Intel Xeon or Intel Core processors provide an additional x4 PCIe Gen2 slot. Being closer to the processor and memory, lower latencies and less bandwidth sharing with other devices are experienced, compared to the slots behind the chipset. This can result into higher performance in dual-graphics card configurations, or for highspeed I/O cards. No additional x4 PCIe lanes from the processor is supported on desktop PCs. The only x4 PCIe slot available is provided by the chipset and the I/O bandwidth to and from the processor is shared with all the other chipset devices like LAN, USB 3.0, SATA, etc.


The higher capacity power supply on HP Z220 CMT workstation supports higher-end 3D graphic cards with an additional power dongle, thereby providing greater expandability and higher performance options. The 400W power supply also enables the support of the 87W Xeon workstation sku that boasts the highest 3.7GHz base frequency and performance available. Business desktops typically have smaller power supplies and do not cater to high end 3D graphics cards.

Technical Specification

Form Factor


Small Form Factor; convertible—may be used as desktop or tower; optional tower stand available; optional Integrated Work Center (IWC) available
Available Operating Systems·         Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. Other editions available*

·         Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. Other editions available

·         HP Linux Installer Kit

·         SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 (90 day license)

·         Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop/Workstation (1 year paper license; no preinstalled OS)


Available Processors1


Intel®HD Graphics

Intel® Pentium® Processor G2020

Intel® Core i3-3220

Intel® Core i3-3240

Intel® Core i5-3470



Intel® C216 chipset
Memory5, 74 DIMM slots, up to 32 GB ECC/non-ECC, DDR3 1600 MHz (ECC/non-ECC choice and actual memory speed dependent on
processor capability)
Drive Controllers8Integrated SATA Controller, RAID 0,1 supported: 2 ports 3 Gb/s, 2 ports 6 Gb/s
Storage9·         Up to (2) 3.5-inch 7200 rpm SATA drives: 250, 500 GB, 1, 2 TB (4 TB max)

·         Up to (2) 2.5-inch 10K rpm SATA drives: 250, 500 GB, 1 TB (2 TB max)

·         Up to (2) 2.5-inch SATA SSD drives: 128, 256 GB (0.5 TB max)

·         Up to (2) 2.5-inch 512 GB solid state drives (1 TB max)

·         Up to (1) 2.5-inch SATA self-encrypting solid state boot drive (SED SSD): 256 GB, 256 GB max

·         Up to (1) 2.5-inch SATA self-encrypting 7200 rpm boot drive (SED): 500 GB, 500 GB max


Optical StorageDVD-ROM, DVD+/-RW DL Super Multi, HP Blu-ray Writer, HP 22-in-1 Media Card Reader
Drive Bays1 internal 3.5-inch bay, and 1 shared with external 3.5-inch bay; 1 external 5.25-inch bay
Expansion Slots1 PCIe Gen3 x16, 1 PCIe Gen2 x4/x16, 1 PCIe Gen2 x1, 1 PCI. All slots are Low Profile.
Available Graphics·         Integrated:Intel® HD Graphics available on select processors as above

·         Professional 2D:NVIDIA NVS 300, NVIDIA NVS 310, NVIDIA NVS 510

·         Entry 3D:AMD FirePro V3900, NVIDIA Quadro 410, NVIDIA Quadro K600


AudioHigh Definition Integrated Realtek ALC221 Audio and integrated speaker, optional HP Thin USB Powered Speakers
NetworkIntel 82579 GbE Network Connection
Remote ManagementIntel® vPro with Intel® AMT 8.0
Ports·         Front:4 USB 2.0, 1 microphone in, 1 headphone out

·         Rear:4 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, 1 audio in, 1 audio out, 1 standard/1 optional serial port, 1 parallel optional); 2 PS/2, RJ-45 (NIC), 1 VGA and 1 DisplayPort (for use with Intel HD Graphics); optional 2 IEEE 1394b ports (PCIe card)

·         Internal:4 USB 2.0 ports


Input DevicesHP PS/2 keyboard, HP USB keyboard, HP USB CCID smart card keyboard, HP PS/2 mouse, HP USB optical mouse, HP USB 3-button optical mouse, HP USB laser mouse, USB SpaceExplorer, USB SpacePilot
Dimensions (H x W x D)Standard desktop orientation: 3.95 x 13.3 x 15.0 in (10.0 x 33.8 x 38.1 cm)
Power Supply240-watt 90% efficient power supply
Compatible Displays (screen size diagonally measured)HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Display (24-inch diagonal widescreen), HP ZR30w 30-inch S-IPS LCD Monitor, HP ZR2740w 27-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor, HP ZR2440w 24-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor, HP LP2330w 23-inch LCD Backlit IPS Monitor, HP ZR2240w 21.5-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor, HP ZR2040w 20-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor
Warranty12Limited three-year Mon-Fri 8-5 next business day, parts, labor and 24×7 phone support, terms and conditions may vary. One-year warranty option available in selected countries.




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