Hp Z210 Workstation Next Generation Processor Architecture

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The HP Z210 Form Factor Workstation ($2,173 guide) is a streamlined but quick single-processor workstation PC. It appears like a normal HP company desktop however, the similarities are just on the surface. Rather than a standard Intel Core i5 or AMD Athlon II processor, the Z210 Has an ISV-certified Intel Xeon quad-core processor and lots of other strong components. Due to the small chassis, you do not get much in the way of inner expansion room but also the hardware’s crying operation earns the Z210 that our Editors’ Choice award for workstations. It outperforms older, costlier dual-socket systems is just another plus.

Hp Z210 Workstation Next Generation Processor Architecture

Small overview of Hp Z210 Workstation

The Z210 SFF gets the Body of one of HP’s Compaq 8000-series laptops, as its chassis is visually indistinguishable to that of the HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF PC. These similar instances assist extinguish the searing envy some employees experience when they see that their colleagues “only got a better/faster/stronger PC.” Additionally, it enables you to combine workers who’ve vastly different job roles in the exact same general field: The clerical-grade employees can utilize HP Compaq 8100 or 8200 Elite PCs, whereas the digital content creators, engineers, or even financial analysts who want the additional power or ISV certificates get HP Z210 SFF workstations. Casual viewers will not have the ability to distinguish the difference at a glance.

Inside, the System is business. IT support touch points are highlighted in green therefore, as an instance, the IT technician can quickly fold up the optical drive for into the SSD mounted beneath. Business systems are often configured into the IT customer’s specs, but our review model came with an Intel Xeon E3-1245 processor, 8GB of ECC DDR3 memory, Intel incorporated HD Pictures P3000, DVD burner, a 160GB solid-state drive (SSD) to get a boot drive plus a 1TB 7,200rpm info drive. We also tested the machine using a 1GB Nvidia Quadro 600 different graphics card (a $170 alternative). There is enough space within the chassis for 2 PCI Express (PCIe) x16 graphics cards (even though a single slot is wired x4) plus a PCI card a USB 3.0 card occupies the only PCIe x1 slot. The system’s electricity source is 240 watts, about typical for a small-form-factor small business system. Outside, there is plenty of connectors: ten USB 2.0, sound on the front and rear, PS/2 for both mouse and keyboard, serial, VGA, Ethernet, two USB 3.0, and DisplayPort. If you receive the Quadro 600 card, then you include a DVI port and a different DisplayPort jack. Regardless, the machine is prepared for a number of screens from the box.

Our Z210 arrived With a few HP utilities preinstalled, and a few which are downloadable. Intel’s vPro is encouraged via Intel AMT 7.0. Unsurprisingly, the Z210 has preinstalled customers for HP’s Client Management system. Additional HP goodies include recovery and backup utilities, HP Performance Advisor, HP Power Assistant, HP Protect Tools (safety), HP SkyRoom (collaboration software), and a couple of diagnostic and support utilities. Your IT manager will obviously select and choose what applications to preload in your own system in an enterprise however, you may avail yourself of those utilities, even when you’re a little company.

Advantage of Hp Z210 Workstation

The HP Z210 Workstation features enterprise-class memory technology, such as a selection of ECC memory configurations, which help to ensure your data integrity and greater system uptime. And as always, these workstations are trained and tested to effectively run the Autodesk® software you rely on.

Additionally, Those ENERGY STAR® systems will be the greatest energy-efficient workstations from the HP product lineup. They’re also the very first HP workstations to incorporate a 90% effective energy source and use technology such as HP WattSaver and HP Power Assistant to help you cut your energy intake.

HP Z210 Workstations can be found in a convertible minitower design plus a tiny form factor that is ideal for customers working under distance limitations.

Video of Hp Z210 Workstation


The system’s Xeon E3-1245 processor relies on exactly the same “Sandy Bridge” structure as other current-generation Intel Core processors. It is a Real quad-core processor with built in Intel HD Graphics P3000. The P signifies that it is the workstation-certified variant of this Intel HD Graphics 3000 logic located on a few Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. The pairing of this processor and SSD aids the Z210’s turn out outstanding performance amounts. The Z210 finished our Handbrake video encoding evaluation in a lightning-fast 1 minute 32 seconds as well as the Photoshop CS5 picture filter evaluation in just 3:04. The ThinkStation C20 earned 2:06 on Handbrake and 4:09 CS5, the Mac Guru 2:22 on Handbrake and 4:42 on CS5.

About the 3D front, That the Z210’s Intel HD Graphics P3000 was great, but you can find far more powerful GPUs on the market. The Z210 finished the 3DMark Vantage test with a score of 11,716 about the Entrance preset and 753 points on Extreme. As soon as I included the DirectX 11 (DX11)–harmonious Nvidia Quadro 600 card, the scores went up considerably (to 15,038 on Entrance and 1,571 on Extreme). The Lenovo C20 was rather a bit greater, at 18,281 for Entrance and 2,500 for Extreme, as a result of this C20’s Quadro FX 1800 card. Although you would not normally play 3D games on a workstation, a few game designers might want the capacity to check code in advance. The Z310 could just create a somewhat playable 46 frames per second (fps) on Crysis using all the Quadro 600 cards and very slow 23fps with integrated images. Lost Planet 2 has been slow also, but it demonstrates the Quadro 600 is DX11 harmonious (that the Intel HD Graphics P3000 can just manage DX10).

With this kind Of functionality, why would not you receive a HP Z210? If you require the ability of 2 complete CPUs, then you will want a more effective system such as the Apple Mac Guru or the Lenovo ThinkStation C20. Both systems outperformed the Z210 on the CineBench R11.5 evaluation, which raises the CPU’s raw capacity. This implies both systems are going to be better at luxury jobs such as rendering 3D for still or CGI films, gas and oil mining, or any other number problems with thousands and thousands of factors. However, for other workstation jobs, such as digital content production and regular number crunching that the HP Z210 is really quicker–its own second-generation Intel Core processor and SSD boot disc make a difference. For this and its entire bang for the dollar, the HP Z210 Small Form Factor Workstation leapfrogs the Lenovo ThinkStation C20 and is our newest Editors’ Choice for background Workstation PCs.


The HP Z210 Provides excellent Price/performance worth; the sole workstation we have seen conquer its Cadalyst Benchmark indicator score price hundreds of dollars more. HP classifies the Z210 CMT As an entry workstation — and costs it — but the system’s Performance scores are more consistent with what we’d consider upper-midrange.

Technical Specification:

HDDWD VelociRaptor 300GB
HDD Avg. Read/Write Speed120/119 MB/s
Network:1 Gigabit (125MB/s)
CPU Intel Xeon E3-1280 (4 X 3.5GHz)
Memory16GB DDR3 1333MHz
OSWindows 7 Professional 64-Bit
VideoNVIDIA Quadro 2000 (1GB)
AudioOnboard 3 Channel
MotherboardCustom HP
Warrantylimited 3-years, parts/labor/online service
Front I/O:USB 2.0 (3), FireWire 1394a (optional), Headphone, Microphone
Rear I/O:DVI, DisplayPort, 6 USB 2.0, 2 PS/2, 3 Audio Line In/Out/Microphone, RJ-45 (NIC)

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