HP Integrity RX3600 Server Demanding Application And Database

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The HP Integrity rx3600 Server is a powerful entry-class workhorse for demanding application and database workloads. This next-generation Integrity server features a new architecture that delivers significantly expanded computing capabilities along with a high return on your IT investment.



HP Integrity RX3600 Server Demanding Application And Database


Small review of HP Integrity RX3600 Server

The HP Integrity rx3600 Server is a powerful entryclass workhorse that you can trust for business-critical application and database workloads. This next-generation Integrity server features a new architecture that helps you prepare for the future by delivering significantly expanded computing capabilities. The Integrity rx3600 Server’s virtualisation, scalability and availability features make it an ideal choice for entry-level workload consolidation – helping you to accelerate business growth, lower costs and mitigate risk.

It is also excellent in clustered and distributed environments – providing enterprise-class availability while meeting demanding requirements of supply-chain management, enterprise resource planning, billing, human resource applications, business intelligence, Java™ and transaction workloads.

The Integrity rx3600 Server’s balanced architecture, designed around the HP zx2 Chipset, delivers high levels of capacity and availability to protect your investment further. The Integrity rx3600 Server can scale to two processors and four cores, and can support up to 192 GB of memory and eight internal hard disk drives. It supports your choice of broad

Advantage of HP Integrity RX3600 Server

With the Integrity rx3600 Server, you have the flexibility to deploy a high-performing standalone, clustered or distributed computing model. For example, you can place one server in each of your branch offices and manage every one of them remotely. Powerful, integrated management tools – including HP Systems Insight Manager, HP Integrity Essentials, Integrated Lights Out (iLO 2) remote

The large internal disk capacity gives you flexibility in storage options. You can use internal storage as a self-contained database, which delivers the advantages of managing internal storage through server management tools and requires fewer devices. This solution adds up to a cost-effective ‘database-in-a-box’. When you use it with HP Integrity Virtual Machines, the savings that can be realised through workload and server consolidation are immense – along with the resulting improvements in resource utilisation. Or, you can extend your system to incorporate the industry-leading HP StorageWorks range of network storage solutions, which makes it easy for you to increase information availability while cutting costs radically


The new HP zx2 Chipset fully unleashes the power of the Intel Itanium processor by lowering memory latencies; providing extensive reliability, availability and serviceability features; and increasing memory and I/O subsystem scalability. This type of flexible capacity within the server – enabling increased, balanced performance throughout transactional and batch workloads as well as Java applications and technical computing workloads – lowers costs further because it reduces the need for additional servers.

Technical Specification

Processor Configuration The HP Integrity rx3600 is a symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) server supporting up to two high performance 64 bit dual core Intel Itanium processors.

The dual core Intel Itanium processor supports hyper threading. Each core of the processor supports two threads.


Processor board·         Processor cores: 2-4

·         Chipset: HP zx2

·         System bus bandwidth: 8.5 GB/s


Dual-core processor modulesDual core Intel Itanium 2 processors:

·         1.66 GHz with 18 MB Level 3 Cache, 9 MB per core 9140M processor

·         1.42 GHz with 12 MB Level 3 Cache, 6 MB per core 9120N processor

All processors support:

·         Level 1 Cache: 32 KB

·         Level 2 Cache: 1 MB Instruction/256 KB Data per core

·         Level 3 cache: 12 MB per processor at 1.42 GHz; 18 MB per processor at 1.66 GHz

·         Four threads (two threads per core)

·         Single bit cache error correction

·         50 bit physical addressing

·         64 bit virtual addressing

·         4 GB maximum page size


Processor Configuration Rules·         Processors can be installed one at a time

·         Processors must be installed in the following sequence: 0, 1

·         Different speed and cache processors cannot be mixed in the same system


System memoryThe HP Integrity rx3600 supports double data rate (DDR2) synchronous dynamic random access memory (SDRAM) DIMMs with ECC and double chip spare protection. The HP Integrity rx3600 can be ordered with one of the following two memory carrier boards:

·         AD124A-Supports from 2 GB (2×1GB DIMMs) minimum to 32 GB (8×4 GB DIMMs) maximum memory; 14.2 GB/s memory bandwidth. The AD124A can be replaced with the AD125A to increase maximum memory beyond 32 GB and to a maximum of 192 GB. Please note, there is no return credit for the AD124A.

·         AD125A-Supports from 2 GB (2×1GB DIMMs) minimum to 192 GB (24×8 GB DIMMs) maximum; 14.2 GB/s memory bandwidth

·         Bus bandwidth: 12.8 GB/s

·         Memory slots: 24 DIMM slots

Memory Loading Rules:


Internal storage devices·         Internal hard disk drive bays: 8 Serial Attached SCSI SFF

·         Disk offerings: 36 GB, 72 GB, 146 GB and 300 GB drives

·         Maximum storage: 2,000 GB with 73 GB drives

·         Removable media: 1 open bay for DVD


Expansion slots·         PCI-X slots: 8

·         PCI-X IO bandwidth:8.0 GB/s


Core I/O and management processor interconnect·         Dual port 10/100/1000Base-TX Ethernet

·         10/100Base-T LAN for Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO2) management

·         1 RS-232 serial port for general use, and 2 RS-232 serial ports VGA

·         3 USB ports for local human interface


Altitude·         Operating: 3000 m (10,000 ft) maximum

·         Non-operating: -4500 m (15,000 ft) maximum


·         Operating: +5o to +35o C (+41o to +95o F)

·         Non-operating: -40o to +70o C (-40o to +158o F)


HumidityOperating: 15% to 80% relative non-condensing Non-operating: 8% to 85% non-condensing
Physical dimensions (Rack form factor)·         Height: 6.8 in. (173 mm)/4U EIA

·         Width: 17.32 in. (440 mm)

·         Depth: 27.4 in. (696 mm)


Physical dimensions (Standalone frame)·         Height: 20.2 in. (512 mm)

·         Width: 8.5 in. without feet, 14.5 in. with feet (216 mm without feet, 369 mm with feet)

·         Depth: 27.4 in. (696 mm)


Power requirements·         Maximum input current: 15 A @ 100 VAC

·         Line frequency: 50–60 Hz

·         Maximum AC power input: 1,194 W


Manageability – Deploy·         HP Ignite UX for installation and deployment of the operating system

·         HP Software Distributor UX for software and patch management

·         HP Integrity Essentials Foundation Pack for Linux

·         HP Integrity Essentials Foundation Pack for Windows including Smart Setup CD for easy server setup and configuration


Manageability – Monitor·         Built in Integrity iLO 2 Management Processor for comprehensive remote server management of HP UX, Linux, Windows and OpenVMS

·         HP Service control suite for HP UX servers including tools for system administration, asset management, and fault management

·         HP UX kernel configuration for easy, dynamic kernel parameter changes

·         HP System Insight Manager (SIM)


Manageability – Optimize·         Process Resource Manager for HP UX resource management

·         HP UX Workload Manager for HP UX workload management based upon service level objectives

·         HP OpenView GlancePlus Pack

·         HP Intelligent Networking Pack for Windows

·         HP Performance Management Pack for Windows

·         Windows System Resource Manager (included with each copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition)




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