HP Integrity rx1600 Server From Global IT Are Affordable

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Itanium 2–based servers from HP are targeted at performance-hungry markets such as technical and scientific computing, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Web serving, application serving, and database applications. What’s more, these systems are highly affordable, making them extremely attractive to software developers. Read on to learn about the system features that fulfill these promises.



HP Integrity rx1600 Server From Global IT Are Affordable


Small review of HP Integrity rx1600 Server

The HP Integrity rx1600 server uses the Low Voltage Intel Itanium 2 processor in a slim, 1U (3.5-inch height) system package. It provides industry-leading performance in a dense form factor. The Low Voltage (LV) Intel Itanium 2 processor delivers industry-leading $/FLOPS for compute-intensive workloads, at lower power levels, where space is at a premium.

The HP Integrity rx1600 server supports up to two 1.0 GHz LV Intel Itanium 2 processors with 1.5 MB of on-chip L3 cache and as much as 16 GB of RAM. This means that it has extraordinary compute density. Fitting 41 servers into a 2-meter rack delivers an astounding 320 gigaFLOPS of potential power. The Integrity rx1600 server also leverages the same management features as the Integrity rx2600 server. It is ideal for compute-intensive server farms in the high-performance technical and scientific computing markets, and it is a perfect fit for the network edge, security, and software engineering fields. Features such as memory chip 3 spare, an optional management processor, and high-availability clustering support make the Integrity rx1600 server a leader among high compute density servers.

The Integrity rx1600 server offers incredible investment protection with in-chassis upgrades to future Intel Itanium 2 processors. The Integrity rx1600 server is also flexible, with a choice of 64-bit operating systems—HP-UX, Linux®, or OpenVMS Evaluation Release (until 2Q 2004, when a production-quality release is expected)—to suit any need. And there’s a full range of HP storage peripherals and I/O adapters to complete the package

Advantage of HP Integrity rx1600 Server

The Integrity rx5670 server supports up to four SCSI disks, the Integrity rx4640 server supports up to two, the Integrity rx2600 server supports up to three, and the Integrity rx1600 supports up to two. All disks are accessible from the front of the system and can be removed (or hot-plugged) while the server continues to run. Two dual-channel SCSI controllers manage the four internal hot-plug disks in the Integrity rx5670 server. For added availability, disk pairs are on separate channels as well as separate SCSI controllers. This means that with disk mirroring, a SCSI controller, SCSI channel, or root disk could fail and the server would continue to run properly. A dual-channel SCSI controller manages the pair of disks in the Integrity rx4640 server. The disks can be configured either on a single SCSI channel or one disk on each of the two channels with disk mirroring for added availability. When only one SCSI channel is used for the disks, the second can be connected to an external device such as a tape drive. A single dual-channel SCSI controller manages the three disks in the Integrity rx2600 server. One channel links to two internal disks; the second channel is connected to the third internal disk. This allows disk mirroring across separate SCSI channels, further enhancing availability. A single dual-channel SCSI controller manages the two disks in the Integrity rx1600 server. One channel links to two internal disks, another channel links to an external connector.

Video of HP Integrity rx1600 Server


The exploded view reveals the location of major components as well as the mechanical and architectural features of the Integrity rx1600 server. It is partitioned into three electrical partitions—the system board, including CPUs, memory, and core I/O; the I/O backplane, including four PCI-X I/O slots; and the management processor board.

Two hot-swap disk drive bays are located in the lower right corner of the server (when viewed from the front). Just above the power supplies is a slimline optical media drive bay, supporting either a DVD or a DVD/CD-RW combo drive. Directly behind the power supplies and peripheral bays are four cooling fans. The left side of the system houses the I/O backplane and I/O card bay. There are two PCI-X slots in the I/O card bay; one full-length slot and one half-length slot. The right rear of the server contains the main system board. The system board contains two Intel Low Voltage Itanium 2 processor sockets, 8 memory DIMM slots, and the core I/O controllers. The management processor sits on an independent circuit board that attaches to the rear of the main system board.


Now, with the Integrity rx1600, rx2600, rx4640, and rx5670 servers, HP offers powerful servers based on the Intel Itanium 2 processor and featuring the new HP zx1 Chipset. The Integrity rx1600 server utilizes one or two Low Voltage Intel Itanium 2 processors and up to 16 GB of memory, the Integrity rx2600 server utilizes one or two Intel Itanium 2 processors and up to 24 GB of memory, the Integrity rx4640 server can be equipped with as many as 4 processors and as much as 64 GB of memory, and the Integrity rx5670 server utilizes as many as 4 processors and as much as 96 GB of memory.. Another advantage is that customers with either of these servers can run any of four industry-leading operating systems—HP-UX, Linux, Windows, or OpenVMS Evaluation. This multi-OS capability overcomes the complexities and challenges associated with deploying and maintaining a heterogeneous operating environment. Whether for technical computing or commercial IT, the HP Integrity rx1600, rx2600, rx4640, and rx5670 servers offer superior power, scalability, and efficiency—with lower costs.

Technical Specification

Processor ConfigurationThe HP Integrity rx1600 is a symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) server supporting up to two high performance 64 bit Low voltage Itanium 2 processors.
Processor Details1.0-GHz Level 3 Cache: 1.5-MB Level 2 Cache: 256 KB Level 1 Cache: 32 KB Single-bit cache error correction 50-bit physical addressing 64-bit virtual addressing 4 GB maximum page size
Memory Loading Rules and Performance GuidelinesMemory must be installed in groups of two DIMMs also known as pairs Each pair must consist of equal density DIMMs Memory must be installed in pairs of 512 MB (2×256 MB), 1 GB (2×512 MB), 2 GB (2×1 GB), or 4 GB (2×2 GB). To support chip sparing, identically sized DIMMs must be loaded in quads. Minimum memory is 512 MB (2×256 MB) Maximum memory is 16 GB (8×2 GB) Each pair of memory is loaded across both memory buses (one DIMMs on each bus) to ensure maximum bandwidth and performance Total memory bandwidth is 8.5 GB/s, split across two 4.25 GB/s memory buses Open page memory latency is 80 nanoseconds
Core I/O10/100/1000Base T LAN with RJ 45 connector-Supports LAN boot for operating system installation 10/100Base T LAN with RJ 45 connector and wake on LAN capabilities Two-channel Ultra320 SCSI external port with 68-pin high-density connector and one internal port for integrated disks Two USB 2.0 style A ports (USB 1.1 compatible) One general purpose serial port with DB-15 connector Telnet and web console via 10/100Base TX management LAN (RJ45 connector) requires Management Processor Card.
HP Integrity rx1600 Power SubsystemWide ranging input voltage VIN = 100V – 127V & 200V – 240V Input line THD < 10% Power Factor designed to 0.98 @ 120VAC and 0.92 @ 240VAC 80% Efficiency Power monitoring and control Brownout protection Over Current Protection Over Voltage Protection Over temperature protection
Supported Processors1.0-GHz Low-voltage Itanium 2 processor Cache 1.5 MB Floating Point Coprocessor included Yes
System MemoryMinimum memory 512 MB Maximum memory capacity 16GB
Internal DisksMax. disk mechanisms 2 Max. disk capacity 600 GB
Standard Integrated I/OUltra320 SCSI-LVD 2 Channels 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ45 connector) 1 Port 10/100Base-T (RJ-45 connector) 1 Port RS-232 serial ports 1 10/100Base-T management port (RJ-45 connector) Optional VGA graphics Optional USB 2.0 2
Environmental CharacteristicsAcoustics (operator/bystander) at 25°C 7.1 Bels LwA

Operating Temperature (up to 5000 ft)1 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)

Non-operating Temperature -40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C)

Maximum rate of temperature change 68° F/hour (20° C/hour) w/disc media

Operating relative humidity 15% to 80% RH non-condensing

Non-operating relative humidity 8% to 85% non-condensing

Operating altitude above sea level 10,000 ft (3000 m) max

Non-operating altitude above sea level 4,572 m (15000 ft) max


Regulatory ComplianceRegulatory Model RSVLA-0302 Electromagnetic interference Complies with FCC Rules and Regulations, Part 15 as a Class A digital device. Manufacturer’s Declaration to EN55022 Level A, VCCI Registered, Class A, Korea RLL Safety CSA Certified, IEC 60950-1



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