HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop 14 Inch Anti Glare HD Display

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HP EliteBook 8470p is a business-class laptop. But that classification does not cover all its capacities. The EliteBook 8470p is a versatile all-purpose celebrity armed with enough firepower to double as a multimedia power and, to a lesser extent, gaming rig. For the most part, those characteristics make up because of the bulky chassis and less-than-stellar battery life, which makes it a fantastic system for anybody seeking to work throughout the day and play by night time.


HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop 14 Inch Anti Glare HD Display



Small Review of HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop:

HP EliteBook 8470p could be described as strong. Made to withstand the rigors of business travel, its rugged design can take care of its fair share of bumps and lumps, and that means that you can stick it into a crammed suitcase with no worries. Just be certain it’s a massive bag, since the EliteBook 8470’s magnesium alloy chassis steps 1.25 by 13.31 by 9.11 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.35 lbs. Not to mention that it is an eyesore–far from it. The platinum finish to the chassis provides a little class to what might have been a drab, only business event. The exact same can’t be said of their bottom, which can be fashioned in a pragmatic, black plastic finish, and includes a socket which could easily be attached to a docking station.

Even Though It’s not as sharp as the dazzling 1,920-by-1,080 true 1080p HD screens found from the comparably sized Editors’ Choice that the EliteBook 8470p’s 14-inch 1,600-by-900 resolution is nonetheless greater than that of most other 14-inch screens available on the current market, a lot of which have 1,366-by-768 resolution. As a result of its high resolution, texts and graphics appear sharp and crisp on the matte-finished display. Films also look great on the 720p screen, a quality that could readily be put to great use because the EliteBook 8470p comes outfitted with a built-in optical audio. The speakers will not automatically disturb your next-door neighbors in the morning, but they could nevertheless fill out a medium-sized room.

The EliteBook 8470p’s increased tiled computer keyboard Sports black matte-finish secrets. The keyboard is nicely assembled, feeling suitably hardy without heed to excess rigidity. This makes for a comfortable typing experience. The only fly in the ointment is that the keyboard is not backlit. Even though a white LED lighting over the screen can be switched to shine down on the keyboard, the lighting is quite dim and does not provide nearly enough lighting in dark quarters. The trackpad, meanwhile, is one of the finest we have ever used, with a sleek finish which allows your fingers to glide effortlessly as they scroll along with pinch-zoom about. Two collections of right- and – left-click buttons abut upper and bottom borders of the trackpad, together with the top pair made to be utilised in combination with the pointing stick lodged in the center of the keyboard.

There’s a judicious choice of ports. In Addition to headphone and microphone jacks and a DisplayPort input, the ideal side also includes two USB 2.0 interfaces; them conveniently doubles as a eSATA interface while another has charge and sleep for other devices like tablets or smartphones. The other hand, meanwhile, includes a 4-pin FireWire 400 interface, a card reader that supports SD Memory Stick formats (SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC/MMC+), and 2 USB 3.0 vents, but game the blue indicating that normally distinguishes USB 3.0 vents out of their slower USB 2.0 counterparts. The back of the machine homes VGA and Ethernet interfaces, in addition to a old-school dial-up modem interface. As is frequently true for business-class systems, the EliteBook 8470p doesn’t contain an HDMI port. This is not always a fatal flaw, even however, because DisplayPort to HDMI adapters are rather commonplace and finally yield the exact outcomes as a HDMI cable alone would.

Advantage of HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop:

If you are the Sort of user that desires A good deal of power and a great deal of features within their notebook, the business-oriented HP EliteBook 8470p is well worth a look. It is a chunky beast which in fact provides you a couple of attributes from the past, like a built in optical drive, a VGA interface, FireWire and a modem that is refillable. And while it’s a comparatively small 14in screen dimensions, it’s a relatively hefty laptop since it’s so well constructed and therefore richly stocked.

Video of HP Elitebook 8470p Laptop:


Due to this powerful CPU that the EliteBook 8470p is outfitted for A great deal of applications. Just intricate 3D jobs cause difficulty for our evaluation candidate. This is due to the feeble Radeon HD 7570M. Office tasks, image editing, video conversion and even more do not create any issues. Next into the card, which slows the system down through demanding 3D tasks, the HDD installed on our test version additionally reduces overall system functionality. The EliteBook 8470p attained a entire rating of 8,815 points in PCMark Vantage, whereas the hard disk (HDD) held the lowest value of 4,032 points. This can be further reasoned through the Windows 7 performance indicator, which shows the hard drive for a bottleneck using 5.9 points – along with the RAM. Additionally, this is where our EliteBook 8470p has squandered widescreen possible, because there’s just one 4 GB of DDR3 RAM set up, meaning there is no double channel.

Obviously you can increase functionality using an SSD and RAM at a Double channel mode, but we can not complain about the functionality provided by this setup of this EliteBook 8470p. The largest performance increase you may notice will likely come from updating to an SSD. 1 such configurations is supplied on the company’s homepage at approximately 1800 Euros (~$2329), but performing the swap yourself involving the built-in HDD and an SSD is well worth considering.


When on the search for a business laptop that reaches high? Needs, sooner or later you will surely end up considering the HP EliteBooks. The EliteBook 8470p is a representative of this 14-inch section and builds on the achievement of the prior 8460p. The maker sticks together with all the known strengths of this predecessor, like the rigid and solid aluminum case and also the very great input devices. The superb number of vents and the fantastic computing in addition to overall functionality are also quite convincing. Regrettably, such ‘porting’ translates the flaws onto another generation. Yet more, that the EliteBook 8470p introduces an extremely luminous appearance. Having a depth of approximately 3.5 cm that the gadget is a bulky case from the laptop marketplace.

As it must be using a company device, HP Provides the EliteBook 8470p with different security tools and attributes. Both hardware based and software based safety measures are thought through. For many things you won’t need to pay but with Computrace you’ll be asked for cash.

One blunders from HP comes in the inbuilt graphics card with no switchable graphics. The installed AMD HD 7570M can simply separate itself marginally concerning electricity from the other Intel HD Graphics 4000 and owns disadvantages of greater energy intake and the following diminished battery life.

Total, HP has managed to once again score well in several regions And, as with last time, features a fantastic product in their hands. We Must advise Against an update for individuals using the predecessor model, because the increased Electricity is disproportionate to the very large price.

video, of the product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqnUGeYcU1w

Technical Specification:

Memory (RAM)Memory operations per second



GraphicsDesktop performance for Windows Aero
Gaming graphic3D business and gaming graphics
Primary hard diskPrimary hard disk

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