Dell Storage SC8000 Is A 2U Rack Chassis With Dual Six Core

Dell Storage SC8000 Is A 2U Rack Chassis With Dual Six Core Leave a comment

The Dell Storage SC8000 seamlessly scales to meet a wide variety of workload requirements for midsize to large deployments. As part of the SC Series line, the SC8000 offers a self-optimizing architecture that responds to real-time data use and provides an advanced multi-tier SSD capability that can revolutionize your all-flash and hybrid-flash performance. With the SC8000, you can achieve performance levels over 300,000 for IOPS sequential reads1 and over 100,000 IOPS with sub-millisecond latency on OLTP workloads.


Dell Storage SC8000 Is A 2U Rack Chassis With Dual Six Core



Small review of Dell Storage SC8000

. The SC8000 is a 2U rack chassis, with dual 6-core 2.5GHz Intel® Xeon® processors, built on the Dell PowerEdge™ 12th generation server platform with a custom configuration to support the needs of a midrange data center. The SC8000 offers exceptional power efficiency with dual redundant 80 PLUS® Platinum rated hot-swappable, low wattage power supplies and has six redundant hot-plug fans. Using Fresh Air™ technology, the SC8000 can operate at higher temperatures or even chiller-free environments to help reduce data center costs.

Providing up to five-nines of availability (99.999% availability), the SC8000 keeps critical customer data at the ready.3 Combining resilient hardware and software with world-class Copilot Support helps businesses realize the continuous data availability critical to their success.

Advantage of Dell Storage SC8000

Built-in intelligence autotunes the storage environment, leveraging fully-integrated features for maximum efficiency, flexibility and performance. Empowered by real-time system information about each block of data, Storage Center software optimizes the placement, management and protection of data throughout its lifecycle. Storage is provisioned without wasted capacity. Data is moved where it’s needed, when it’s needed, automatically tiering between write-intensive and read-intensive SSDs and traditional hard drives for the ideal combination of performance and cost-savings.

At the core of the Storage Center software suite, true storage virtualization pools all resources across the array for maximum efficiency. Thin provisioning, compression and deduplication, as well as space-efficient snapshot technology help you get more out of your storage investment. Business continuity software provides quick disaster recovery without user disruption. Data-at-rest encryption helps meet stringent compliance requirements, and federation support, with intelligent volume placement, enables the creation of large multiarray configurations under unified management

Video of Dell Storage SC8000


SC8000 scales up to 960 SAS drives per dual controller system and scales-out to multiple systems across multiple sites, controlled by a single console. Simultaneous iSCSI, Fibre Channel (FC) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) frontend interconnect options provide flexibility in your data center

The SC8000 supports the continual adoption of new technologies. You can easily mix and match SSD, SAS and FC drive technologies, upgrade storage array firmware and build a unified storage solution without worrying about a forklift upgrade Use any combination of industry-standard technology at any time, adding capacity or making configuration changes without downtime or disruption. Incorporating the latest data center technologies is as simple as plugging in new components on the fly. The SC8000 adjusts automatically, restriping data across all drives and updating the in-flight use characteristics.


SC8000 is ideal for both standalone and distributed deployments with SC4020, SC7020 or SC9000 arrays. Management, expansion and drive support options are shared across the portfolio. SC8000 and other SC arrays can now also interoperate and coexist in PS (EqualLogic) environments. Unified day-to-day management and bi-directional replication lets PS customers add SC arrays at any time, extending and increasing the value of either platform investment.

Technical Specification

Dell Compellent SC8000 Tech Specs
Product Operating SystemStorage Center 6.1 or later
OS SupportMicrosoft® Windows® Server, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, IBM AIX, Novell NetWare, Apple, Tru64, VMware®
ProcessorTwo 2.5 GHz Six-Core (Sandy Bridge) Intel™ processors per controller
Storage CapacityEach system supports up to 960 SAS drives. The maximum usable capacity supported by a system varies based on configuration. Each 3.5″ SAS enclosure holds up to 12 SAS drives. Each 2.5″ SAS enclosure holds up to 24 SAS drives.
Drive InterfacesSAS and NL-SAS drives. Also backwards compatible with existing Compellent Fibre Channel and SATA drives. Different drive types, transfer rates and rotational speeds can be mixed in same system.
Disk Drives:
SAS SSD (2.5-inch)200GB SAS

400GB SAS (will be supported with SC200/SC220)

Fibre Channel HDD (3.5-inch)300GB 15K RPM

450GB 15K RPM

600GB 15K RPM

SAS HDD (2.5-inch)146GB 15K RPM

300GB 15K RPM

600GB 10K RPM

900GB 10K RPM

1TB 7.2K RPM

SAS HDD (3.5-inch)450GB 15K RPM

600GB 15K RPM

1TB 7.2K RPM

2TB 7.2K RPM

3TB 7.2K RPM

RAIDSupports RAID 0, 5, 6 and 10. Any combination of RAID levels can exist on a single Storage Center. Multiple RAID levels can exist on the same storage tier within an array.
Front-End ConnectivityFibre Channel (4Gb, 8Gb), iSCSI (1Gb, 10Gb), FCoE (10Gb)

Simultaneous interface support

Maximum Front-End Ports16 (Fibre Channel), 10 (1Gb iSCSI), 10 (10Gb iSCSI), 10 (FCoE) per controller

NOTE: SC8000 controller can support up to 16 FC front-end ports with 4-port low-profile SAS back-end IO option.

Back-end ConnectivitySAS (6Gb, 3Gb), Fibre Channel (2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb)
Maximum Back-End Ports16 (FC), 10 (SAS) per controller

NOTE : No SATA ports, FC and SATA enclosures are connected to FC8 IO card.

Storage ControllerRack size: 2U

Height: 87.3 mm (3.44 inch)

Width: 482.4 mm (18.98 inch) with rack latches

444 mm (17.08 inch) without rack latches

Depth: 755.8 mm (29.75 inch) with bezel

Weight: 19.73 kg (43.5 lbs)

Environmental Operating Conditions
SC8000 ControllerPower: Dual, Redundant 750W power supplies with Platinum efficiency

Heat Dissipation: 2891 BTU/hr rated Power Supply

Operating Temperature: 50 – 95°F (10 – 35°C)

Non-Operating Temperature: -40 – 149°F (-40 – 65°C)

Operating Humidity Ranges (non-condensing): Operating, 20% to 80%

Non-Operating Humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 95%

Inlet Type: NEMA 5-15/CS22.2, n°42






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