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The Dell PowerVault MD1000 is a 3GB/s SAS modular disk storage expansion enclosure for PowerEdge servers, capable of housing up to fifteen (15) 3.5-inch disk drives in a single 3U rackable chassis. The direct-attached storage enclosure supports both Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives to give customers extensive configuration and optimization flexibility. When used in combination with a host-based Dell PowerEdge RAID controller (PERC) or a PowerVault MD3000/MD3000i internal RAID array, the modular enclosure can be daisy chained for scaling disk performance and capacity.


Dell Powervault MD1000 Storage Expansion For Capacity



Small Review of Dell PowerVault MD1000:

PowerVault disk storage products are designed and engineered for PowerEdge servers, optimized for performance and reliability, then tested and validated to help simplify deployment and management. To help improve serviceability of disk drives, the PowerVault MD1000 is equipped with a common drive carrier that can be used on select Dell servers. The PERC RAID controller–found in the Dell PowerEdge server– includes Dell OpenManage™ Server Administrator Storage Manager. This management software package provides a complete set of disk configuration and administrative utilities for both internal and external server-resident disk drives. Dell Services are available to help streamline the installation and ongoing operations of your disk expansion enclosure. These services include Dell Enterprise Support Services, Professional Installation Services and Disk Expansion Training.

Advantages of Dell PowerVault MD1000:

Using 3Gb/s SAS technology, PERC 6 was observed in testing to be able to transfer up to 1484 MB—the theoretical upper limit by RAID On Chip (ROC) is better than 1.5 GB—using sequential reads and employing both of the external channels. Streaming video and data backup applications are capable of running extremely fast with up to 1 MB stripe configurations. This measurement is compared to the previous generation PERC 5 with a maximum available 128 KB stripe size.

The PERC 6 supports all key RAID levels, including RAID 6 and 60. RAID 6 tolerates two simultaneous failures, and thus offers the ability to manage unrecoverable media errors during rebuilds. This ability is useful, especially when utilizing many high capacity, half-duplex, lower-cost Serial ATA (SATA) disks.

The battery-backed cache offers a large, addressable memory space that can increase throughput in several applications and preserve cache contents up to 24 hours using a 7 WH Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.

Video of Dell PowerVault MD1000:


The modular design of the Dell PowerVault MD1000 is engineered for easy expansion, providing additional room to store data from the server. Up to six PowerVault MD1000 15 mixed-drive expansion enclosures can be daisy-chained together on both channels, providing up to 90 mixed disk drives options. To keep management simple, the PowerVault MD1000 connects to and can be controlled by a single PERC RAID controller-equipped PowerEdge server. The following results reflect a single MD1000 with 15 hard disk drives. The queue depths increase from 2 to 64 outstanding I/Os.


There is an abundance of storage solutions for the enterprise data center that populates the IT landscape. The enterprise that needs to consolidate tens or hundreds of terabytes into a single resource pool has a variety of SAN and NAS solutions from which to choose. The SME is not so lucky. He does not have $100K to throw at an IT storage problem and, now, doesn’t need to. Fortunately, Dell has introduced a low-cost, high performance DAS solution that can start very small and grow with you. There is no need to guess if you will need high-capacity drives or high-performance ones tomorrow. You can add the right storage when the application requirement is there. There is no need to add the complexity of a storage-centric architecture with the high costs normally associated with a Fibre Channel SAN. With SAS, the data center can install tomorrow’s technology while preserving the investment made in existing applications and personnel. There is no need to hire a SAN administrator. The server staff has the SCSI knowledge that SAS relies upon.

Dell designed and tested the PowerVault MD1000 to be easy to install with PowerEdge servers. They optimized them for performance and reliability so that the data center would not have to. SAS provides the MD1000 with unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and performance, so that your IT staff can match the value of enterprise data with the cost of storage, reducing the TCO of the IT infrastructure. The scalability of SAS, especially in the MD1000, enables the fine-tuning of mission-critical applications, enabling even the smallest enterprises to be more responsive to their customers and partners. Further, while parallel SCSI is going to end-oflife, SAS is in its infancy, providing your enterprise with investment protection far into the future. If you are one of the many SMEs with less than ten servers in your data center, with applications where capacity, performance, and cost are more important than availability, utilization, and advanced software functionality, then Dell’s MD1000 may be the ideal solution for your enterprise to deploy storage – when and where it is needed.

Technical Specification:

  • Intel® Xeon® processor E5-1600 v3 and E5-1600 v4 product families
  • Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 and E5-2600 v4 product families


  • Windows 10 Pro 64
  • Windows 10 Home 64
  • Windows 8.1 Pro 64
  • Windows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade rights from Windows 8.1 Pro 64)
  • Windows 7 Professional 64 (available through downgrade rights from Windows 10 Pro 64)
  • HP Installer Kit for Linux®


CHIPSETIntel® C612 Chipset
MEMORYMaximum memory: 128 GB
Transfer rates up to 2400 MT/s
Only registered memory is supported:

  • DDR4-2400 ECC registered SDRAM
  • DDR4-2133 ECC Registered SDRAM


Drive Controllers:

  • Integrated SATA 6.0 Gb/s
  • LSI MegaRAID® 9270-8i SAS 6.0 Gb/s ROC RAID Card and iBBU09 Battery Backup Unit (optional)


STORAGEInternal Storage:

  • 300 GB up to 600 GB SAS (15000 rpm)
  • 300 GB up to 1.2 TB SAS (10000 rpm)
  • 500 GB up to 4 TB SATA (7200 rpm)
  • 500 GB SATA SED (7200 rpm)
  • 128 GB up to 1 TB SATA SSD
  • 256 GB up to 512 GB HP Z Turbo Drive (PCIe SSD)
  • 256 GB up to 1 TB HP Z Turbo Drive G2 (PCIe SSD)
  • 512 GB (2 x 256 GB) up to 2 TB (4 x 512 GB) HP Z Turbo Quad Pro (PCIe SSD)

Optical Storage:

  • Slim SATA SuperMulti DVD writer
  • Slim SATA BDXL Blu-ray writer

Additional Storage:

  • 15-in-1 media card reader (optional)
  • HP DX115 Removable HDD Frame/Carrier (optional)



  • Internal:

Two 3.5”


  • Two 5.25”
  • One slim ODD


GRAPHICSProfessional 2D:

  • NVIDIA® NVS™ 310 (1 GB)
  • NVIDIA® NVS™ 315 (1 GB)
  • NVIDIA® NVS™ 510 (2 GB)

Entry 3D:

  • NVIDIA® Quadro® K420 (2 GB)
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® K620 (2 GB)
  • AMD FirePro™ W2100 (2 GB)

Mid-range 3D:

  • NVIDIA® Quadro® M2000 (4 GB)
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® K2200 (4 GB)
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® K1200 (4 GB)
  • AMD FirePro™ W4300 (4 GB)
  • AMD FirePro™ W5100 (4 GB)

High-end 3D:

  • NVIDIA® Quadro® M5000 (8 GB)
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® M4000 (8 GB)
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® K4200 (4 GB)
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® K5200 (8 GB)
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® K6000 (12 GB)
  • AMD FirePro™ W7100 (8 GB)

High performance GPU computing:

  • NVIDIA® Tesla® K40



AUDIOIntegrated Realtek HD ALC221


  • Integrated Intel® I218LM PCIe GbE
  • Intel® I210-T1 PCIe GbE (optional)
  • HP X540-T2 10 GbE Dual Port Adapter (optional)
  • HP X520 10 GbE Dual Port Adapter (optional)
  • HP 10 GbE SFP+SR Transceiver (optional)
  • HP 361T PCIe dual-port gigabit (optional)
  • Intel® 7260 802.11 a/b/g/n PCIe WLAN (optional)
  • Intel® 8260 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac with BlueTooth® 4.2 PCIe NIC (optional)


  • 2 PCIe Gen3 x16
  • 1 PCIe Gen3 x8 (open-ended)
  • 1 PCIe Gen2 x4 (open-ended)
  • 1 PCIe Gen2 x1 (open-ended)
  • 1 PCI



  • 4 USB 3.0
  • 1 microphone
  • 1 headset


  • 4 USB 3.0
  • 2 USB 2.0
  • 2 PS/2
  • 1 RJ-45
  • 1 audio line in
  • 1 audio line out


  • 1 USB 2.0
  • 1 USB 3.0


  • HP PS/2 Keyboard
  • HP USB Keyboard
  • HP USB SmartCard Keyboard
  • HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • HP PS/2 Mouse
  • HP USB Optical Mouse
  • HP USB 1000 dpi Laser Mouse
  • HP USB Optical 3-Button Mouse
  • HP SpacePilot Pro 3D USB Intelligent Controller
  • 3Dconnexion CADMouse


WEIGHT24.3 lb (11 kg)
Note: exact weight depends upon configuration
  • Enclosure Type

Rack-mountable – 3U

  • Manufacturer

Dell, Inc.


  • Supported Devices

disk array (RAID), hard drive

  • Data Transfer Rate

300 MBps

  • Max Storage Devices Qty


  • Interface Type

Serial ATA-300 / SAS

  • Type

SAS – plug-in card (PCIe x8)

  • Form Factor

plug-in card

  • Bus Type

PCI Express x8


  • Power Provided

488 Watt

  • Nominal Voltage

AC 120/230 V

  • Frequency Required

47 – 63 Hz

  • Hot-Plug



  • Total Array Capacity

146 GB

  • Max Supported Capacity

1.1 TB

  • HDD Array External Interface

Serial Attached SCSI

  • Host Channels


  • Rack-mountabe


  • HDD Array External Interface Class

Serial Attached SCSI


  • Enclosure Type

plug-in module

  • Installed Qty


  • Interface Type

Serial Attached SCSI

  • Spindle Speed

15000 rpm

  • Hot-Swap


  • Brand


  • Product Line

Dell PowerVault

  • Model


  • Packaged Quantity


  • Compatibility

PC, Unix


  • Type

PCI Express x8, expansion slot

  • Total Qty


  • Free Qty



  • Width

17.6 in

  • Depth

18.9 in

  • Height

5.2 in


  • Type

Serial Attached SCSI cable

  • Included Qty


  • Length

3.3 ft


  • Full Contract Period

3 years

  • Location


  • Type

limited warranty





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